Riding Locations


La Angelina MBP

Large Mountain Bike park with lots of terrain in the mountains of Costa Rica, Near Cartago. Features single track rollers and pump park, with tabletops and jumps for the more adventureouse riders. Stunning vistas and views on every decent.


LOS Sanderos Trails

Private mountain bike park in Ciudad Colón, San José, Costa Rica. The park opened on November 2014 and offers a great combination of single track trails for all-mountain, enduro and downhill riding.


Pit Bull Pass

Located near Orosi, Pit Bull Pass is not for the faint of heart. Starting at the town’s church the trail follows a gravel path towards Tapanti National Park. At Kiri Lodge a steep gravel road leads up to the mountain, taking about 35 to 45 minutes to reach the summit. Once at the top of Pit Bull Pass there are incredible views of the Turrialba Valley. The trail descends into primary and secondary rainforest, is quite scenic, filled with wildlife and offers a very technical, challenging ride. The route winds through the villages of Pejibaye, Tucurrique, Cachi and back to Orosi. The trail is 45 miles long (72.41 kilometers) and is recommended for advanced riders. Most riders take about six hours to complete the journey.


Arenal Volcano

Awesome Active Volcano with lots of hiking and hot springs in the area. A short hike through the rainforest and you can walk on newly formed lava flows and see the volcano cone in action. Stay at the hot springs for a relaxing night between rides for the perfect refresh.


Las Catalinas

This is world class singletrack with great flow, plenty of topography, and dramatic ocean views. Perhaps the best tropical seaside singletrack anywhere. Twenty-two kilometers of bike trail as of April 2016, plus some hiking-only trails.